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Certified by the Institute of Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up

I’m Karma Vieira, founder of Make-Up Alternatives, and the Beauty Art Academy. At Make-Up Alternatives permanent makeup studio, I bring countless clients effortless beauty solutions to look and feel their best.

I have spent the past 20 years perfecting my minimally invasive, hand-method of tattooing for precise, and practically painless permanent make-up. This method allows me to create individual hair lines, sharply defined lines, feathering and shading for an incredibly realistic and natural look. This non intensive method also causes minimal discomfort and less inflammation to the skin resulting in better healing and longer lasting tattoos.

I work with each client to identify their specific needs, wants, and pain-points to create a naturally flawless look. Wake up feeling confident, beautiful, and instantly put-together with your ideal eyes, lips or brows. I also offer scalp enhancement, and areola repigmentation to create realistic solutions so that you can feel like yourself again.

Whether you are looking to show yourself some love, give yourself that boost of confidence you deserve, or just simplify your life with a streamlined routine, you can trust that my unique permanent make-up method will reveal your natural beauty within, and leave you feeling carefree and radiant.

Cosmetic Tattoo Services

Karma can complete or recreate your eyebrows with natural long lasting hairline looking techniques.
She can outline your eyes or create a thicker eyeliner look. Give your lips a boost with gentle color applied to bring a healthy youthful look.


Correct the shape, color, and thickness of your brows with soft, distinct hairlines.


Subtly define the eyes and boost thickness in the lash line with liner that won’t smudge or smear.


Enhance your lip shape with natural looking liner, or perfect your pout with all over subtle color.

Scar Camouflage

Blend and cover areas of skin lightened or raised by scar tissue.

Scalp Enhancement

Create the look of thicker hair with individual hairlines tattooed to blend with your natural hair growth pattern.

Areola Repigmentation

Realistic color and shading are used to recreate the areola for those who have undergone reconstructive surgeries.

Before & After

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big-Niece-after big-Niece-Before-resized

Beauty Art Academy Professional Training

Are you looking for a lucrative career that allows you to be your boss and set your own hours? Do you love make-up and it’s transformative power? Are you a people person who truly loves to connect with others? If you are a talented make-up artist, or have experience in fine arts, a career in cosmetic tattooing could provide an exciting opportunity to explore entrepreneurship in the beauty space! Enrolling in the Beauty Art Academy will not only teach you how to create beautiful permanent makeup with the exclusive Softap Hand Method™


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