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The premier cosmetic tattoo studio located in the heart of Tarzana, CA, where we provide the highest quality of permanent makeup techniques and styles. If you’ve been thinking about getting permanent make-up but were unsure of where to go for the most natural looking results and a nearly painless experience, you need look no further! Make-Up Alternatives owner and operator, Karma Vieira, specializes in the gentle and minimally invasive Hand Method of cosmetic tattooing, which allows her to safely work on eyebrows, eyes, lips, and many other delicate areas of the face and body. We understand that the idea of permanent makeup can be a little scary, but our goal here at Make-Up Alternatives is to put our clients as ease. From the moment you walk into our quant studio, with its calming colors, cozy furniture, and fresh scented candles, you’ll instantly feel like you’re at home. We’re also fully licensed and insured and maintain the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation as required by the Los Angeles County Health Department. If you’re ready for a beautiful new look, the first step is to give us a call and then you’re on your way to achieving flawless, long lasting, get up and go permanent make-up. We can’t wait to hear from you! ❤

Permanent Make-up Services

Karma can complete or recreate your eyebrows with natural long lasting hairline looking techniques.
She can outline your eyes or create a thicker eyeliner look. Give your lips a boost with gentle color applied to bring a healthy youthful look.


Eyebrows are the frame of the face. Having the right shape can take years off or just give you a wonderful sexy eyebrow that opens your eyes and gives you a finished look.


Eyeliner is a wonderful way to make your lashes look fuller and can add definition to the eye. It is very important that this is done with ocular topical and that you are completely numb for the procedure.

Full Lips

Full lip color can create the look of a fuller shape and bring back a youthful color to the lips. I have a dentist beside my shop that can do a lip block if desired.


Lips can be beautifully enhanced with permanent makeup with a very natural appearance. Bringing color back to the lips and adding a little to the shape can be a huge improvement.

Scalp Enhancement

I can minimize the look of the scalp by creating fine hairlines that flow with the natural hair growth pattern.

Areola Repigmentation

This is for those who have undergone reconstructive surgeries such as, enlargements, reductions or breast cancer.

Before & After

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big-Niece-after big-Niece-Before-resized

20+ Years of experience

Certified permanent make-up artist, Karma Vieira, brings a unique artistic touch to the world of micropigmentation. With her years of experience and strict attention to detail, many come to her knowing they are in safe hands with a true expert. Having worked with well-known plastic surgeons and dermatologists, Vieira is arguably one of the most sought-after permanent make-up artists in the industry.


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