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Hand Method vs Micoblading

Hand Method vs Micoblading

Hand Method vs Micoblading

After receiving a few inquiries as to whether I specialize in the microblading technique of permanent make-up, I decided that it was time I provide my clients and possible future clients some information in regards to the differences between the hand method (my method) and microblading.

What is the Hand Method and why do I use it?

I have been working as a permanent make-up artist for almost 20 years and with all my years of experience in this industry, I can honestly say that the hand method, my technique, is a far superior technique that will give you the most natural looking permanent makeup compared to other methods. Unlike microblading, my method is gentle and non-invasive, and I have complete control over where pigment is deposited on my client’s skin. I am essentially using pointillism, which is a technique used by painters in which small dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. I create miniscule dots on the skin, in which the cosmetic pigment is flowing, forming hair lines line to create the look of hair strokes.  As you heal, those dots close up and hold the pigment in place which prevents the pigment from bleeding together over time and leaving you with a one dimensional or “sharpie” look. The hand method is not easy, and takes many years of studying and training to truly perfect it, that is why I am one of very few permanent make-up artists that use it. I take pride in the fact that I can make my clients feel better about their appearance by providing them with a long lasting, soft and delicate look that is virtually painless.

What is MicroBlading and why don’t I use it?

Microblading is essentially the process of implanting cosmetic pigment by slicing or cutting into the skin. I believe it was created for new permanent make-up technicians that liked the look of the hand method but did not want to take the time to train and master the technique. In other words, it is a short cut in training. One very important thing to remember is that as permanent makeup artists we are working on skin, living tissue that is constantly changing. When you slice into the skin, scar tissue can develop as the body naturally wants to heal and protect itself when it has been wounded. When a microblading technician cuts into the skin to create hairlines, they essentially are creating an opening where the skin is unable to hold the pigment in place. This can eventually lead to pigment migration and leave the client with a smeared look. Also, if the technician is not careful and creates hairline strokes that are too close together, the client can potentially lose those lines and end up with a solid shape within the year. I have been noticing that quite a few microblading technicians will post photos of their eyebrow work right after the procedure. The problem with this is that potential clients are not able to see the finished healed look.  Another important fact to know about microblading is that it cannot be done safely on the eyes and lips. The skin in those areas is far too delicate to be sliced into, so please be wary of technicians that disregard that fact. The sad fact is that I have already been removing/correcting the work from some of these unfortunate microblading procedures. Some cases so severe, I had to refer the client to see a doctor.

On your search for a permanent makeup artist, please do your research. Always check to make sure that they perform more than just one procedure. Most technicians who have many years of experience and training will perform both cosmetic and medical tattooing. Don’t’ be afraid to ask the technician questions about the procedure and always check to make sure the photos of their work are a real representation of the tattooed area when it is fully healed.