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Frequently Asked Question

Permanent makeup is essentially a tattoo, but rather than creating cartoon images or portraits, the goal for the artist is to create a design that mimics traditional makeup. There are various methods in which permanent makeup tattooing is done, and while they all implant pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, the tools that are used for each method are nothing alike and produce drastically different results.
The short answer is no. Karma specializes in the Softaps Hand Method.
The Hand Method is derived from an ancient Japanese technique of tattooing. The Hand Method is gentle and causes very little trauma to the skin. The hand method tool has a cluster of 5 extra fine needles that creates miniscule dots with each prick (not cut) to the skin to effectively deposit tattoo pigment. The hand method tool gives the permanent makeup artist control to create hairlines and to shade and blend pigment. This single use tool was strategically designed to assist body art practitioners to properly implant pigment in the correct layer of the dermis. Using the hand method, a permanent makeup artist can not only work on brows, but also eyes, lips, scalp, and many other delicate areas of the body with just a single tool. With the hand method, the artist also has the ability to do corrective work such a pigment removal and micro needling treatments to break down hardened scar tissue.

Microblading is a method of cosmetic tattooing where the artist uses a handheld tool with a blade like tip attached to cut into the skin to deposit pigment and create the look of hairlines. Not only is microblading incredibly painful, it’s also a fairly limited technique. Unlike the Softaps hand tool, microblades can only be used on the brow area, as you cannot cut into the eye or lip skin. It’s also impossible to blend and shade pigment with a microblade, that is why microblading technicians often switch to a tattoo machine to create the “ombre” or “powder” look. While microbladed eyebrows can look beautiful when freshly done, over time as you continue to cut into the delicate skin, you run the risk of developing some serious complications down the line.

List of Potential Complications:

  • Hardened scar tissue can develop due to the significant trauma caused to the skin from the cutting.
  • If a microblading technician cuts hairlines that are too thick, it can cause the pigment to bleed together, and the client is left with a solid filled in look and the hairlines are lost.
  • If not properly trained, it’s easier for a technician to accidently cut too far into the dermal layer with the microblade. This can make it extremely difficult to remove or lighten the implanted tattoo pigment.
From the moment you step inside our quaint little shop, you’ll immediately feel like you’re at home. You’ll be greeted by our lovely front desk staff who will direct you to our waiting area and will provide you with forms to be filled out before your procedure. Prior to your procedure, you’ll have an opportunity to consult with Karma to discuss your desired results and to have any of your questions regarding your permanent makeup answered. After your consultation, you’ll lay down on the work bed and Karma will apply a topical anesthetic to the procedure area to start the numbing process. Throughout the procedure, Karma will check in with you periodically to make sure you’re comfortable and that you’re not experiencing any pain. Once the procedure is completed, you will then be given all of your aftercare products along with instructions on how to take care of your new permanent makeup. You will also be reminded of your 2nd Session appointment date, which is typically 4-6 weeks after your 1st Session.
Time will vary depending on the procedure/s you’re having done and whether it’s your 1st time or you’re coming in for a touch-up. For new clients, please expect to be at our studio anywhere between 1 ½ to 2 hours for your 1st Session.
Right after your procedure, your permanent makeup will look a bit bolder than it will actually be once you’re fully healed and the pigment has settled. After having your brows, scalp, areola, and/or scar camouflage done, you can absolutely go back to work or run errands. For lip color and eyeliner, we recommend you allow yourself a couple of hours to rest and take it easy immediately after the procedure. You may experience some puffiness in the skin and/or a mild stinging sensation after your eyeliner or lip color procedure.
At the most, you can have two procedures done at one time. A number of our clients have their eyebrows and eyeliner done together.

No, because the hand method doesn’t cause significant trauma to the skin and the needle doesn’t cut deep into
the dermal layer, it will not damage the follicle or disrupt hair growth.

No, you do not need to remove your lash extensions, but you will most likely lose a few during the procedure. We recommend that you don’t get a full set or fill right before your eyeliner appointment.
Yes, we use organic pigments that are free of Iron Oxide. Your permanent makeup will not heat up during an MRI.
  • Anyone under the age of 18
  • Those on a strict blood thinner regime (Pertains to Eyeliner Procedure only. Please call to discuss)
  • Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding
  • Those prone to Keloids
  • Individuals with thin, irritated, and/or inflamed skin and those with skin conditions like severe eczema and psoriasis.
  • Long Time Latisse and Revitalash users (Pertains to Eyeliner Procedure only. Please call to discuss)

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Our priority is to make sure the client is completely comfortable during the procedure and has a virtually painless experience. Karma uses both a topical anesthetic and an open skin safe topical anesthetic to ensure the client is completely numb for the duration of the procedure. Most of our clients liken the sensation to having your brows tweezed or a gentle pricking feeling.

Your permanent makeup won’t completely disappear, but it will fade pretty significantly over time if it isn’t
touched up regularly. Please refer to our Cost of Services page to see how frequently you need to touch up
your permanent makeup.

Yes, you can wear makeup, as long as it isn’t applied to the area of your freshly done permanent makeup. It is essential that you keep the procedure area clean for at least 1 week after your service.
While Karma is more than happy to do your permanent makeup, she does not touch up other artist’s work. You will be considered a new client and we ask that you schedule a consultation with us prior to your procedure. Karma will need to see the state of your old permanent makeup before she does any of her work.
While it can be challenging to completely remove bad permanent makeup, it can be lightened pretty significantly. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation with Karma.

You do not have to worry about your permanent makeup drastically changing colors. The main cause of
pigment oxidation is the ingredient Iron Oxide and it is found in the majority of tattoo pigments. Karma,
however, uses organic pigment that is free of Iron Oxide to ensure your permanent makeup stays as natural
looking as possible.