Learn from the best in the permanent makeup industry. Karma will teach you her renowned hand method for the most natural looking permanent makeup compared to other methods.

Makeup Alternatives Courses

Basic Permanent Make-Up Training Course

If you’ve been wondering how to follow your passion in permanent makeup, you need to be expertly trained; there is no room for error. You first need to be confident in yourself and your abilities in order for clients to trust your skills and you’ll only get that by learning and fine tuning your passion from the best permeant makeup artist, Karma Vieira. Karma is registered by the Los Angeles health department and has been practicing permanent make-up since 1998. Let her expertise guide you as she teaches you her techniques and passes on years of industry experience.

Under Karma’s instruction, students will learn the Softap Hand Method of Cosmetic Tattooing, which is the easiest and gentlest way to implant permanent color into the skin. Students will learn the proper techniques in utilizing Softap needles, tattoo pigment customization and color theory, and proper sanitation practices as determined by The Los Angeles County Public Health Department. Students will also learn what it takes to successfully own and operate a Permanent Makeup Studio. During the first 3 months, students will be expected to shadow Karma 1-2 x’s per week and observe her as she works on clients. Students will also be given needles, tattoo pigment, and an imitation skin pad for at home practice.

During the last 3 months of the training, under Karma’s supervision, the student will have an opportunity to work on models (models are not provided; students are expected to have their own). Karma will walk the student through each step to ensure the student has the utmost confidence when working on their models. Once the student has completed their practical time with models, they will be given an exam to test everything they’ve learned throughout their time in the program. Students must obtain at least 80% on the exam, but should they score lower, they will be given multiple opportunities to retake the test until they pass. Upon completion of the exam, Karma will then provide her students with crucial information needed on how to set up a permanent makeup studio that satisfies all of the requirements expected of Body Art Practitioners by the Department of Public Health.

Karma has worked in dermatology clinics and with plastic surgeons for over 20 years. She has been fortunate to have worked closely and developed her techniques with the doctors. After completing the basic course in permanent makeup and then working in the field for a year you are welcome to do advanced training with her. Classes by procedure are available for those that want to fine tune a skill.

The advanced classes are:

  • Scar revision
  • Scalp work
  • Areola Repigmentation
  • Permanent Makeup Corrections
  • Removal Techniques

Students Testimonials

Basic Permanent Make-Up Training Course

“Out of any class I have ever taken I am fully confident and completely prepared to start working at my new business. I am so incredibly happy with everything that I have learned and the knowledge I have to use from here on out. Karma is truly the best and I am so thankful to have studied with you.”
Errin Sakakini, lash extension specialist


“Karma is the most thorough teacher leaving nothing out so you are a safe well trained permanent makeup artist.”
Donna Cicatelli, professional makeup Artist


“This experience has been wonderful. Karma is an amazing teacher. She is thorough in her explanations. She gives examples to explain tough techniques and concepts. She allows room for your own creativity and she encourages her students to create their own style.”
Sona Andonian, school teacher

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