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What to Expect

Let Karma Vieira put your mind at ease with her charming personality and calm demeanor. Below are things to expect during the procedure and post care instructions to make sure you look flawless after your procedure.


The procedure takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. Touch-ups take less time. First we will take a before picture. It is for records and insurance purposes. We will then discuss expectations, color, shape and your lifestyle.I will clean the brow area and apply the first topical anesthetic. This is a lidocaine product. 15 minutes later, I remove the topical and draw on the shape that I will be proposing to you.

I will ask you for your opinion. Keep in mind that they look dark and heavy when drawn on.

Then I will implant the color, using single use needles and handles. After marking the shape, you will receive more anesthetic. You will be quite numb after the second application.

I finish creating your eyebrows, you sit up, and we will look at it again. Small adjustments can be made at this time. I will cover the area with Vaseline, and take some after pictures. Next thing is to book your 2nd session appointment, and this appointment is included in your price. It is a follow-up appointment, to make sure that your skin has taken well to the color, and if not, I will touch it up. In most instances, this is required.

Your brows may look dark and warm in color right now, but do not worry as this is normal. It happens because the color is oxidized. The healed color will take about a week to 10 days to be visible, and the brows will lighten significantly.

Post Care Instructions: For one week you will be applying Vaseline to your eyebrows with a Q-tip before you wash your face or shower. This helps keep bacteria out and creates a little band-aid while your skin is healing. Stay out of the sun and if you are in high heat, you may need to apply more Vaseline. Do not rub or scratch the area. You may see flaking of the skin, this is normal. Avoid any exfoliating treatments to the brow area, including Retin A, other acids or acne treatments and harsh washes. Also, during this time, please refrain from using any type of facial cleansing devices within the 1st week (ex. clarisonic system).

After two weeks you may want to apply sunscreen to the area, to protect the color. The sun is the biggest fader of permanent make-up. If you receive facial treatments from an esthetician or dermatologist you also run the risk of causing your permanent makeup to fade at a faster rate.

*Color Corrections: Keep in mind, if you have had your brows done elsewhere, and I am correcting them, the color may look a bit faint until your 2nd session follow up, during which time I will have the opportunity to darken them. Depending on the shape and color density, you may need to schedule a 3rd touchup within the year.


The procedure takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. First we will take a before picture. It is for records and insurance purposes. We will then discuss expectations, color, shape and your lifestyle. You will remove contact lenses if you wear them.

I will apply eye drops and a topical anesthetic that is especially made for the eye. This is a lidocaine product, and you will be numb in 20 minutes. I then remove the topical and begin implanting the color with a sterile, one time use needle and handle. If you have any pain, I will give you a second application of anesthetic. After I complete the implantation, I clean the area and apply sterile Vaseline and rinse the eye.

*Please let me know if you are using Lastisse or Laser Hair Growth Serums.

Post Care Instructions: Try not to rub or disturb the area. The pigment needs to settle and heal into the skin. An ice gel pack or cold compresses applied on the day of the procedure is a good idea, to reduce swelling and close the pores.

If you find bits of pigment or Vaseline in the corner of the eye, remove it with a Q-tip. You will be applying a thin coat of Vaseline before you shower or wash your face. This will protect the work and keep bacteria out. You will need to do this for one week. PLEASE DO NOT USE NEOSPORIN FOR ANY REASON. If you feel the need for an antibiotic ointment, please use Polysporin. Also, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ADVIL, ASPRIN or ALEVE FOR 3 DAYS and refrain from partaking in heavy exercise for at least 1 week.

You will also need to avoid using mascara for one week. I recommend you buy a new tube as mascara can be full of bacteria. It is also hard to remove without rubbing the eye and it is important to be as delicate as possible with your new eyeliner.

Rinsing the eye with eye wash is a good idea. Do this before going to bed, and in the morning, and any other time you feel the need. Please call me if you eye is red and itchy. You could have come in contact with conjunctivitis bacteria. This is easily treated with eyedrops from the doctor, but should not be ignored.You could use ice to reduce swelling and inflammation. You may lose some of the pigment after the first week of healing. Do not worry about this, since we will have a touch-up appointment. I can also make it wider and darker, if desired. There is no fee for the 2nd session follow up.

Full Lips

The procedure takes between 1,5 to 2 hours. Touch-ups take less time. First we will take a before picture. It is for records and insurance purposes. We will then discuss expectations, color, shape and your lifestyle. I will draw on the outer shape of the lips, for you to approve. Immediately after the procedure the color will be darker. They will remain this way until you have some peeling, usually on the third day after the procedure. Immediately after, you could have a burning sensation which may last for 20 minutes.

Post Care Instructions: For the next couple of days your lips might feel tight when you laugh or smile. You need to continually apply Heal Quick Lip Balm or Aquaphor. Keep some with you at all times. Apply it before you eat, brush your teeth, wash your face and shower. Gently wash your face, avoiding the lip area. Also please have a “light” hand when brushing your teeth and wiping your mouth.

Stay out the sun and wind if you can. Definitely avoid tanning beds or sun bathing for a week. If you have swelling or pain you could apply the Vaseline and then gel ice pack or frozen peas. Generally, my clients do not have swelling or pain after the procedure.

On the 3rd day after, you will have some peeling. Try not to pull this off. Just apply more Vaseline. After the peeling you may feel that you have no color. This is because the lip tissue is healing and the collagen and fibroblasts are hiding the color. As the lips heal and thins, you will begin to see the color again. This may take one or two weeks. At this point, if you feel the color is too light, we will darken it or make it more vibrant during your 2nd session follow up.

Since the lips are not skin, but are vermillion, the color is tricky. I have to be very careful not to make them too dark. The lip tissue has a lot of blue undertones. I generally make the pigment more peach in color, than you may want (because of this blue undertone). My personal feeling about permanent make-up is to err on the side of “too light” than “too dark”. It is much easier to darken something, than lighten something. I also do not want you to feel scared by being too dramatic on the first procedure. I have a lot more information about your particular color, after I see the healed color. One week from the procedure, you will notice the color of your lips will be very faint and there may be some areas that did not retain the pigment. Have no fear, I will darken the color(if you desire) and fill in the areas that didn’t take during your 2nd session follow up appointment.

*Herpes simplex, also known as cold sores or fever blisters, are a virus that is stored in the body, certain things will trigger an outbreak. It is of utmost importance to be on medication, if you have this. This procedure can bring on an outbreak. Please let me know if you have the virus.